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Suzanne Vega Fanclub

Off topic, but you may be interested to know when I have my Pop Up Protector off and click on your article, I get a 'japanese language installation pack' trying to take place ?


I think that's legitimate, Suze. There's a tiny bit of Japanese text on this page (in the purchase link for Grindhouse above), and your browser's trying to load up the Japanese character set so it can display it properly. It should be a harmless download, but there'll be no damage done if you say no to it.

Meanwhile, discovered in research: another delightfully odd version of that Death Proof end titles song.


Although I'd broadly agree with this assessment, I would say there were a few smaller cuts made in the first half of the Grindhouse version of Death Proof which did improve things. But I still agree the first half doesn't really work. And losing the French Chick Habit was a real shame (although as the credits had to be shared with Planet Terror, I understand why it had to happen). And I think the ending of Death Proof is a terrific way to end the whole thing.

I think anyone who has avoided the single film releases may have fewer problems with the Grindhouse cut of Death Proof than those of us who know what was wrong with it by personal experience. That first half comes as a lull in the middle of the Grindhouse experience, rather than a slow and tiresome beginning to Death Proof, so I think does less damage.

But yes, Planet Terror comes off by far better in the re-edit process.

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