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Hello to everyone visiting from San Francisco.


Supreme Master Ching Hai is super awesome and I love her channel. :)


I like the talking dogs telling us to go vegan.


Hey. Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn't. Help me! It has to find sites on the: Japanese stock market. I found only this - depression Stock market crash. I think youre going to be very surprised by the result. That means the top listed companies have increased in market value by almost billion since march. Waiting for a reply :rolleyes:, Truitt from Belarus, who bums dogs.


Sorry. With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion. Help me! It has to find sites on the: Comcast basic cable cost. I found only this - Comcast cable co. I had two supervisors tell me that no one could come to my home tomorrow because they were booked, despite the fact that I met every requirement of meeting my appointment. As you sit on one of the carefully laid benches and relish the views, you can see. With love :-), Delu from Verde, who bums dogs with his mate Truitt.


Thank you for showing that the SMCH channel isn't out to get your money. I also appreciate you being fair in noticing that they do alot to focus on being positive. I don't blame you for being suspicious. With all the fake people out their ready to get your money, why wouldn't you be. lol.

With Master's Love :)

Tan Seaw Kim

At least you are being fair by spending time & effort to watch the whole cycle & find out yourself that this TV channel is not out to get the viewers' money. What loss can it be by listening to positive & constructive news & programs ?


It is the BEST and Most POSITIVE TV channel we ever have. There is no violence and aggression. Master Ching Hai treats everyone of us including animals with the same unconditional love and compassion. Her charitable deeds have not gone unnoticed by many countries. She always gives and gives and gives, and expect nothing in return.

Dr. Vince Le

Suma ChingHai is one of the best teachers of our time.
Date/Location November 8, 2009 at The Grand Hyatt Hotel in Washington DC
Dr. Stephen Schneider: Stanford University Professor of Environmental Biology and Global Change,
Ms. Maneka Gandhi: India's Member of Parliament and former Minister of Environment and Forests,
Dr. Noam Mohr: Adjunct Professor of Physics at New York University,
Dr. Michael Greger: Director of Public Health & Animal Agriculture for the Humane Society of the US,
Dr. Ruby Lathon: Nutrition Policy Manager Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine,
Dr. Peter Carter: Director Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment,
Supreme Master Ching Hai: World renowned humanitarian, spiritual teacher, artist, and international bestselling author
The conference will be followed by a live concert and dance performance and a grand banquet.
Admission is free to the public, but pre-registration is highly recommended due to vast public demand.
The event will be broadcast live worldwide on fourteen satellite platforms and dozens of cable channels on Supreme Master Television, a constructive global television channel with subtitles in more than 40 different languages
The station also streams its broadcast online at


When you are right, the whole world is right; when you are wrong, the whole world is also wrong; and when you are negative, everything looks negative.

It's a pity you wasted so much of your precious time and effort writing a long article that spread negative energy around you, affecting yourself and your readers, and who benefits from your writing ? I wonder. Why not writing something more meaningful, more positive and constructive ?

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