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F*** Me, that was surreal (well up until the point where the music stopped). Why have you been hiding these then ? This one video seems to say more about the Chinese way of life than any number of travel narratives (as I say up till the point when the music stopped) When I have a free few hours I will go through the lot.

Funnily enough I have just been reading an interview with James Benning on the web, and recently ordered the DVD's LONDON and ROBINSON IN SPACE by Patrick Keiller. I just love that whole type of visual concept, and if I could get my head round the technology might have a go at filming something, whilst trying to match some sort of script with it.


If we'd known each other back in 1993, Suze, you definitely would have been invited to Spank Towers for the premiere screening of the full ONE HUNDRED MINUTE version of the video. It's only now that I've got around to converting it to digital form - glad you enjoyed it.

The technology's a lot simpler than it used to be. Back in 1993, as mentioned on the YouTube playlist, all I could do was copy from one VHS recorder to another, using the pause button to cut out the bits I didn't want and a small audio mixer to slap some music on top. Nowadays, PC editing tools make it much easier - for one thing, you can change edits after you've made them... Ulead VideoStudio's my editor of choice, and has been for a decade or more on and off.

If you're planning to try this sort of thing for yourself, here's a suggestion - you can't go wrong when you take a camcorder on a boat.

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