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Suzanne Vega Fanclub

Very interesting. Do keep us all up to date on this project (might try a bit of that myself methinks).

Suzanne Vega Fanclub

Oh well as you're a mate, and I want to help you take early retirement from the computer industry....... Anyway the non-optional priority £2.99 delivery charge is obviously how they make their money.

May add further comments here or elsewhere when it turns up.

cruise deals

This post is really very interesting and impressive to read about.The story detailed over here is truly reminded me of our chilhood days when we take brandy(my labrador pet) with us wherever we go.


Your labrador does it with sailors for money.

Suzanne Vega Fanclub

Do you know I spent £75 on train tickets for 3 x journeys in January, and ended up (for a variety of reasons)not getting on a single train (nor getting any refunds either for that matter). Anyway I finally did some proper train travelling this weekend, all of which means I finally made a start on 'Monkey Rond The World'

So very enjoyable thus far (I have just passed Hotel Una in Brighton). The advantages I can see here, are that obviously it is a far more portable and accesible media, but also all the various pieces have far more of a context to them coming one after another (as opposed to being buried away on the website). Also I am actually enjoying the BBG's foodie bits as well (which is not something I normally would bother to read about - but again works well in context). So looking forward to my next train journey already.

My (serious) question to you though is: what steps are you taking to market this (perhaps send a few free copies to assorted critics) ?


Glad you're enjoying it, Suze. To be honest, I've been treating this as a 'soft launch' so far, which is a handy bit of marketing speak for 'too lazy to really do anything serious just yet'. At some point in the near future I'm planning to start whoring the books properly around the web, but for now I'm happy to just let people follow the plug for my Lulu storefront on the site header.

(Here's an indication of how soft a launch this is: that storefront has had *two* books on sale in it for the last day or so. Official announcement to follow in a couple of days...)

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