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There's been lots of interest in this piece over the past few days: it was mentioned in Tweets by the Animate people and also resulted in a rather sweet email from Luke Jackson of Goodbye London fame.

Mainstream coverage of last night's awards ceremony has focussed almost exclusively on Aardman's wins - I must remember to use the phrase 'sweep the board' whenever *I* achieve two of something. It's taken some digging around to find out who else won, but here we go:

Your Public Choice winners for 2010 are therefore:
- Best Music Video: Rex The Dog: Bubblicious
- Best Short Film: This Way Up
- Best Commercial: Cadbury's Creme Eggs: Mousetrap

Not my personal top choices, but can't really complain about any of those. See you back here in 2012, then.


Ceske Forum

Ahoj, chci Vas poprosit o recenzi meho noveho fora
Zalozili jsme ho asi pred dvema mesici.

Nejvice se soustredime na temata Internetova reklama, Vydelek na internetu, Zvyseni navstevnosti, zpetne odkazy a pocitace.

Dekuji moc za prilezitost napsat sem mou zpravu.

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You couldnt be more precise!

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