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Nice work, Spank. Plans are afoot to do something to preserve the small legacy of FU. If someone already hasn't done it, you're bound to get an e-mail soon from someone telling you where it's being discussed...


Damn straight. Never posted on FU but I feel pretty much the same about FATGUT.

Suzanne V........ (oh you know the rest)

You took me to meet them once after some film at the festival. Sadly it was just an empty room, with you pretending there was people there. Ahhh such is the way with imaginary friends............ !


If you want a monument, look at this list I managed:

more than eighteen hundred movies argued over for all those years. Some films have 2,500 posts.

It's a sad loss. And given 24 hours notice we could have saved it all.

Victor Field

"When I suggested the other day that newspaper comments sections are the media equivalent of testicular cancer, it's CiF that I was thinking of."

Though not specifically speaking of the confederacy of dunces that is CiF, Maureen Dowd (of a paper whose talkboards have NOT been shut down) would certainly agree with you there. And so would I. The morons will not be missed, but FU as a whole will.

Victor Field

Here's the crimson one rightly complaining about said twits:


Hi Spank, there's an alternative board to the ones you may have seen, set up and written by an FUer, that you may be interested in. Could you please email me or find me on Twitter under the same name? Thanks.


sparafucile> The above piece was bashed out fairly quickly while I was still surfing my emotional reaction to the closure. If I'd had more time to think about it, I probably would have talked a bit more about the other Guardian talkboards aside from Film, all of which were killed off on the same day. There was a fair degree of rivalry between the boards, with everyone generally considering NewsUnlimited to be the biggest hotbed of mentalism. (Max Fischer's parting shot on its closure sums it up best: "Israel/Palestine will now never be solved.") But I always thought the Footy board had a friendliness on a par with what I'd encountered in FU: we even had a couple of joint football/film drinks sessions with them.

(And in case outsiders were wondering: the official name of FU was Talking Film, while the official name of the football board was All Talk. Hence it was frequently referred to as the Football All Talk Guardian Unlimited Talkboard, or FATGUT for short.)


Suze> Which is funny, because they said exactly the same thing about you.

Suzanne V........ (oh you know the rest)

Yea but I was your invisible friend.

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