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Never been a fan of, or quite understood, the whole Simian Substitute Monkey thing you have been doing since the dawn of the internet. Pointless joke, drawn out to infinity, which only you get/write/read (I await the backlash from your legions with interest).

My point being, that it is a refreshing change to see you do a general summary of the cultural month (as you have consumed it). Always enjoy reading such stuff, and is often easier to get down, when things don't sit within an overall theme. More please !

For my part I haven't seen Skyfall yet, as the other half had already done so with her friends. Therefore went to see ARGO instead (a Ben Affleck thriller). Actually despite that obvious handicap, it was really rather good, and based on a true story, yadda yadda......

Argo Fuck Yourself (see the movie).


Um, you do realise I've been doing these monthly summaries for nearly three years now, don't you?

But yeah, the Simian Substitute Site has been there since day one, and was a consequence of the site originally being hosted on Demon. They had a bee in their bonnet about having potentially dodgy content on your homepage, so I made sure I had a link to a family-friendly alternative easily accessible, and changed it on the first of each month to keep things interesting. There's less need to do that now I'm with Typepad, but it's nice to have something in quiet periods (like, say, this one) that forces me to write something at least once a month.

I'm also a fan of the Ben Affleck film, and have suggested to the high street chain that Argos: Fuck Yourself should be the slogan for their Xmas ads this year.


Three years ? Right well I'm going to check that.....
Anyway even supposing you're telling the truth, it proves my point..... well sort of. Well namely then, that your monthly review (if it really does exist) is being buried under something that most people are not going to get/look past.

However that said I can understand the historical family friendly link thing that was a part of the internets past. Therefore to prove I am a team player, I am giving you next months link free of charge

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