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Suzanne Vega Fanclub

Hmmmm ! A non-alphabetical list isn't really the same as an index.

To put it another way if I want to find a film, which I am not sure about when it came out (or for that matter if you have even reviewed it), I have to go through every randomly listed film, in every year, to find it, and then search again to find the day it was reviewed ?


These are valid points, but need to be balanced against the fact that I'm a lazy bastard.

(Also, have you tried doing CTRL-F on this page?)

Suzanne Vega Fanclub

Ctrl F, what the F is that ?

Well okay that highlighted 'El Valley Centro' in the relevant year which I used as an example. But then a lot more work is required to go and plough through every day of that year's festival to find a review of it.

HOWEVER by using your search engine at the top left hand side of your blog, I was able to go to a brilliant review of that film in seconds. So what I suggest you do is list all the films alphabetically (dump the year thing) and then just highlight the search engine facility.


CTRL-F works fine on this page, too:

I've never really been convinced by the Rollyo search engine box, to be honest. It never seems to be able to find the particular pages I want whenever I use it. But right now, there don't seem to be any real alternatives available.

Old lag

Spank, challenge you to go to the Cook Islands in 2010 to see the eclipse for that year.


The only thing I really know about the Cook Islands is that their websites are COCK.

Vintage Ring

Wow! Amazing how much nice movies you saw there. I never was in London's Film Festival, but I watched many of those films in cinemas and home. Very nice post, I remember some of the old movies I liked in the past:)

Nike Dunk Sb

Thank your for display me so fantastic notion as part of your blog. I am really gree with you. Your viewpoint is amazing. In our lives, there's nothing can beat us.


"Have yourselves a good old browse through, and try not to think too hard about how much the tickets for all this lot have cost me over the last couple of decades." I think ticket cost doesn't matter for as long as you have enjoyed what you've paid for, right? I really envy your "experience".

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