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Really nice article. I am looking forward to more interesting stuff. Keep it up.


Thanks for your continued support, ! Hope that mentioning your email address in plain text doesn't open you up to endless amounts of worthless spam or something like that.

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Did you ever expect a corporation to have a conscience,when it has no soul to damned,and no body to be kicked?Do you understand?


What competition ?

er that wasn't my answer by the way............


Go to the 'More details' page for 2012, you'll find it there.


Don't know if you caught this mornings breakfast telly but Wilko Johnson was on, who apparently has terminal pancreatic cancer. He is embarking on an immediate farewell tour (which is sold out) rather than do chemo.


Yeah, the news broke last month. He's been in incredibly good form in the various interviews he's done since, but I think the atmosphere of *finality* at those farewell gigs could make them a bit uncomfortable. Not that I got the chance to feel uncomfortable, as they sold out pretty much instantly.

If nothing else, his tour has confirmed that ticket agencies are lower than pond scum.


Pond Scum indeed.

A couple of years ago we wanted tickets for Status Quo at Wembley, and the best ones avaialable from Ticketmaster were £45 each right at the back of the arena. However their subsidiary 'Get Me In' could give us same face value tickets in the front block for £120 each (and this is legal ?). I just point blank refuse to buy anything like this now as it only serves to keep this corrupt industry going. Perhaps one day like horsemeat ........

Anyway over the last couple of years I have felt a bit older when childhood Manchester City heroes from those great teams of the early Seventies (Mike Doyle, Neil Young and Malcolm Alison) passed away. Obviously Wilko isn't helping with this.

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