London Film Festival 2021

Dressing up for the festival (his and hers)Daily updates now complete. Final thoughts to follow in The Wrap Party, coming soon.

Did I mention that we both caught Covid towards the end of August?

No, of course I didn't mention it. It's exactly the sort of detail I'd deliberately hold back to use as a dramatic opening to a twelve-day liveblog, or perhaps to kick off the second chapter of Spank's LFF Diaries Volume Six: 2020-2024 (to be published by in summer 2025). Anyway, you've probably got questions at this point, so to answer the two most important ones:

a) We're fine, thanks. It was a pretty mild case of the 'rona for both myself and The Belated Birthday Girl, and apart from slight congestion and a bit of weirdness in the taste/smell department, we both came through our ten days of self-isolation unscathed. Get vaccinated, people, and continue to behave with caution in small crowded spaces.

b) Yeah, about that. I'd imagine you're already poring over our 2021 Edinburgh Diary to see if you can work out exactly where it was we caught it. The BBG says I'm obliged to point out that really, there's no way we can be sure. Which is true, but I'd like to suggest that when that woman on the LNER advert tells you all the things you can do on their trains, she's missed one out.

So what with Edinburgh and Manchester before it, that makes it two festivals we've been to so far this year that have resulted in some sort of Covid panic for us both. Shall we try and make it three?

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Spank's LFF Diary, Monday 18/10/2021 (Cineaste The Bonus Page)

(Yes, I know I said the festival was over yesterday. However, The Cineaste had a busy weekend, and the last of his reviews only came in this morning, so I've given him a page of his own for the final batch: the ones that were originally attached to yesterday's page, plus some bonus lesbian nun action. Therefore...)

Reviewed today: A Banquet, Benedetta, King Richard, Prayers For The Stolen, She Will, Shepherd.

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