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Boobies Boobies
July 22nd - August 26th
Multimedia invitational group show

Falling Cow Gallery
732 S. 4th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Saturday, 11 am - 6 pm

Throughout the ages, one thing in the history of art has remained constant - artists love naked women!  From the primitive carvings of ancient races, to the fleshy voluptuous figures of Rubens, Renoir and Modigliani; from the shocking and provocative experiments of Picasso, Matisse and DeKooning to the sensuous photographic meditations of Weston, it soon becomes obvious - the female body is one of the most beloved and inspiring of all subject matter.

The nude model remains a staple of art schools despite the proliferation of the feminist movement, postmodern sensibilities and ever changing tastes. Naked ladies have been studied, analyzed, stylized, objectified, sanctified, appreciated, admired, drawn, painted, sculpted, etched, photographed and filmed like nothing else.

Falling Cow Gallery focuses in on perhaps the favorite feature of the female body - the Boobie - in all of its glorious and miraculous shapes, sizes and varieties.  Boobies will feature work from a diverse collection of artists using a wide range of media, all putting forth their own personal interpretation of the most celebrated component of the female form.

Exhibiting artists include Robert Asman, Julia Blaukopf, Alana Bograd, Ellie Brown, Bruce Campbell, Andrea Cote, Sarah Eberle, Nathan Patrick Flanagan, Sara Gates, Bruce Glider, Douglas C. Keith, Lost @ Sea, Eric McDade, Bill McRight, Heidi Neff, Adam Neuman, Kate Norton, John Overmyer, Bill Schafer, Caroline Shields, Gerard Silva, Jon Stothfang, Jed Mauger Williams and Isaiah Zagar.

Falling Cow Gallery will donate 10% of all proceeds to the Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation.  The Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation was the first free-standing breast cancer non-profit in Pennsylvania.  The foundation works to eradicate breast cancer by empowering women to practice breast health, foster the healing process and establish a public agenda for prevention and cure.  Specifically, Linda Creed provides free mammograms, aftercare and diagnostic services to local women with inadequate or no health insurance, as well as education to the public about symptoms and prevention and advocacy at both the state and federal levels.  Falling Cow Gallery will also be accepting outright donations for the foundation.  Please visit the Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation website for more information

Yes, it's a press release rather than a review. I'm covering it here because one of the artists involved is Carole Shields, a regular visitor to the letters page over at the old place. You can see her contribution to Boobies below. If any of you lot are in the Philadelphia area over the next month, could you call in at the show and let me know what it's like? There's a comment box at the bottom of the page, don't forget.



Hello to the three or four people who come to this page every day as the result of a Google Image Search on the word 'boobies'. Any of you feel like leaving a comment?

Suzy and the Banshees

Sounds like the people using those search engines need real help, just like this guy



Suzy and the Banshees

Well answer the man Spank.

Some cheeky git pretending to be me

Yea thanks T:DJFS(whatever)and of course Suze. We need more of this sort of stuff on my site (snort).

Just in case anyone (in particular) is about to have a coronary, here is some handy tips on how to perform CPR (which also ties in nicely with the theme).

Suze (accept no imposters)

Apologies for that Spank, I do get carried away sometimes. In fact if you were here now I would have my trousers down by my ankles, and be bent over a desk waiting for you to re-enact scenes from the film SECRETARY.

Yet despite my obvious contrition this is of course your fault. If you had a LETTERS PAGE (which would surely not be hard to do) all my worst excesse's (spell check) could be kept in the one place. I mean it's like when Fox Mulder was thrown out of the FBI, they soon realised that the X Files were far better off being kept in house...............

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Fart juice? That was nasty lol ;)

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