REPOST: VidBinge 2005
Hotel Una, Brighton

Simian Substitute Site for January 2007: Meter Monkey

Meter MonkeyHappy New Year, everyone. Last night, in case you're interested, we spent New Year's Eve at the Red Rose Comedy Club in not-as-fashionable-as-it-used-to-be North London, where we drank, danced and giggled till about two in the morning. Finally got to bed around three after a blackcurrant Lemsip nightcap and playing the Flying Lizards' version of Sex Machine far too loudly as some sort of misguided tribute to James Brown. And now it's a little after six hours later, and I'm up talking to you lot. I just hope you appreciate it.

Anyway, yes, there were a lot of reposts last month. The main reason was to get you all up to date in preparation for the delayed-as-usual roundups for 2006 in both film and music. So at some point in January, expect to read about what happened at VidBinge 2006, and discover the track listing for compilation CD You Wouldn't Think That I Was 43. Plus, I'll tell you a bit (but not much) about what we got up to over Christmas, and a few other things besides. So, lots of new stuff: you probably won't get another repost binge like December's until, oooh, just before Edinburgh I'd imagine.

In the meantime, the Simian Substitute Site for January 2007 is Meter Monkey. Basically, it's a monkey-based alarm clock for your PC, whose primary function is to warn you that the money in your parking meter is about to run out. I haven't downloaded it myself to see if it actually works, and I'm too hung over to think about that sort of thing right now, so let me know in the comments box below if it's any good or not.

Right. Now to investigate how the combination of Mexican food and The Wizard Of Oz works as a hangover cure.



Hey Simian!

Thanks for featuring us as your Simian Substitute for Jan!

I hope you've had a chance to download the alarm clock since you wrote the post!

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