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You Wouldn't Think That I Was 43: Competition Result

Previously, on You Wouldn't Think That I Was 43: as part of the writeup for my Pick Of The Year 2006 CD, I asked you to take a guess at the number of the bus I can be seen riding on the compilation cover. The closest guess received by the closing date of March 14th would win a copy of the CD.

Well, March 14th has been and gone, and regular readers will be asking themselves: was this one of those popular competitions that got three entries, or was it one of those unpopular ones that only received one entry? (I'm considering 2003, when I got two entries, to be some sort of portent of the birth of the Antichrist or something.)

Congratulations to Dave A of London, who wins the CD by suggesting that I was on a number 25. Which is 195 away from the correct answer of 220, but, um, you know.

Despite everything, I guess we'll do this all over again same time next year. And I'll be reckless and say one thing right now: if that song in the video up there - Gamble by Ringo Shiina, from her just-released album Heisei Fuzoku - isn't on my next compilation CD, then 2007 will have to have been an astonishing year for popular music.


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