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Simian Substitute Site for April 2007: Monkey Fluids

Observe now the eternal struggle between the monkey and its natural enemy: two dogs. The battle will be long and bloody, but only one side will be dining on that delicious baby tonight.With all due respect to my loyal readership, you may have gathered from my previous post that I have better things I could be doing right now rather than writing my usual first-of-the-month article. We're spending April 1st in Paris, and - to my delight - at one point today we walked past a bar and spotted an unsuspecting punter with a 'poisson d'Avril' sign taped to his back. (Unfortunately, he'd spotted it and taken it off by the time I'd got my cameraphone out.)

A full report should follow some time tomorrow. But in the meantime, to keep up with the regular business, here's the usual site recommendation for you. Although, strictly speaking, it's not as usual as usual, if you know what I mean.

The thing is, the Simian Substitute Site Of The Month is a throwback to the old days when the site was based at Demon Internet. Their terms and conditions required you to say on your index page whether or not your site contained material that could potentially be harmful to minors. The Simian Substitute Site was my way of placating those kids who'd arrived there by mistake searching for pretty pictures of monkeys, by giving them a family-friendly monkey-related site they could visit instead.

Times change. As I mentioned in my Lost Girls review a couple of weeks ago, most of the search traffic I get these days comes from people searching explicitly for material about tits or wanking. I suspect there's no real need to provide an alternative for The Kids, who are probably doing most of that searching for tits and wanking anyway. So over time, the Simian Sites have become less and less family-friendly.

The Simian Substitute Site for April 2007 is Monkey Fluids. It's a comedy site providing a variation on the old Glen Baxter gag of matching old-fashioned cartoons with highly surreal and inappropriate captions: the difference being, this site uses genuine old cartoons rather that newly-created ones. Some of the captions are highly unsuitable for a young audience: the one shown here as an example is, frankly, one of the milder ones. Consider yourselves warned, but be prepared for a few laughs anyway.

Comments box is open for general discussion as ever. Anyone interested?


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