Europe By Train: Amsterdam
REPOST: This Is Radio Spank (or at least it used to be)

Simian Substitute Site for May 2007: Monkey Swallows The Universe

Monkey Swallows The UniverseYes, you're right, it has been a little quiet around here since we got back from Europe. Three reasons:

1. Remember how I mentioned back in Milan that I didn't have a job at the time? Well, I have one now. Go me. But inevitably it's going to take a few weeks to get used to the new routine, which will have an impact on site updates.

2. Literally the day after we got back, we started a ten-film binge at BFI Southbank, catching roughly half of their Heroic Grace 2 season of kung fu movies. That's finished now, and when I get a few minutes spare I'll write about it for you.

3. And, yes, there's still some closure to come on Europe By Train. The final post - wrapping up coverage of our continental tour - will be a packed affair, including a writeup of what happened during our journey from Amsterdam back to London: some food 'n' booze notes by The Belated Birthday Girl: a moblog full of our holiday snaps: and a short video of the best bits of the tour, once we've agreed on whether eleven frames is too long for an average shot length or not. All that'll take time, but you should see the results here eventually.

So, to sum up: at least two major new pieces planned on the site for May, but it depends on how quickly I can get my work/life balance sorted out after this latest reshuffle. Sorry to those of you who are waiting for new and exciting content, but there you go. Have you seen that Die Hard music video yet? It might keep you occupied for a few minutes.

In the meantime, the Simian Substitute Site for May 2007 is the official site for Monkey Swallows The Universe, a five-piece acoustic pop band from Sheffield. The last time I mentioned a Sheffield monkey-themed band in these pages, it was this lot back in November 2005, about thirty minutes after everyone else on the planet had discovered them. MSTU probably won't make it to that sort of level of fame, even though new single Little Polveir was recently The Sun's joint single of the week. Still, it's pretty enough, and you can watch out for their second album The Casket Letters later this year.

Anyway: work to do, videos to edit, Bruce Lee films to re-assess. Talk amongst yourselves while you wait. (See box below.)



So I returned to the Monkey Swallows The Universe site to see if they'd been talking about me. They hadn't, but I found out that they're playing a support slot at the Spitz in London on Saturday June 9th...

...which is all well and good, then someone on their forum said that it's a gig that's worth going to...

...because the Spitz has been given notice to quit by the end of September and needs our support.

Which is rather terrible news, in my book. The Spitz is one of East London's best small music venues, and it'd be a crime to lose it. The Save The Spitz page has a petition you can sign as well as a donation form: if you care about the state of live music in London, please follow the link. And catch some bands there, while you're at it.


ORANJESTAD, Aruba - Felix rapidly strengthened into a dangerous Category 5 hurricane and churned through the Caribbean Sea on a path toward Central America, where forecasters said it could make landfall as “potentially catastrophic” storm.
Felix was packing winds of up to 165 mph as it headed west, according to the U.S. National Hurricane Center. It was projected to skirt Honduras’ coastline on Tuesday before slamming into Belize on Wednesday.
“As it stands, we’re still thinking that it will be a potentially catastrophic system in the early portions of this week, Tuesday evening, possibly affecting Honduras and then toward the coast of Belize,” said Dave Roberts, a hurricane specialist at the center in Miami.

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