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Simian Substitute Site for June 2007: Monkey Town

Monkey Town Yes, I know I promised you the final bit of Europe By Train some time in May. The Belated Birthday Girl and I have both been busy lately, hence the delay. Rest assured, when the article comes, it'll be a splendid thing, including links to photos and video from the whole holiday. (Although if you're familiar with the Spank Media Empire, you could probably dig around the intarwub right now and find the pics and video are already there for your viewing pleasure. No clues, work it out for yourselves.)

There may well be other posts in June - I'm thinking possibly a video review at least. But for now, we'll just take things as they come.

In the meantime, the Simian Substitute Site Of The Month for June 2007 is Monkey Town, which I came across pretty much by accident. A couple of days ago, The Belated Birthday Girl was thinking wistfully about They Might Be Giants, and the gig of theirs that we saw during our New York holiday in 2005. (You can buy a download of that very show from TMBG's site, by the way.)

That gig was at Northsix, a splendid music venue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and you can imagine our disappointment when we visited its site to find it had apparently closed down. (There's a lot of that about, as I've mentioned in the comments of last month's Simian Site.) Some initial internet research seemed to indicate that the place had been converted into a frickin' lampshade shop: but it turns out that this is just a temporary measure, and at some time later in 2007 it'll re-open as Music Hall of Williamsburg. (Though some people are suggesting this might be just as bad as being a lampshade shop.)

Anyway, given how much we enjoyed the Williamsburg area last time we were there, we had a look to see what other venues were in that part of town, and we came across Monkey Town. They appear to specialise in arty mashups of film and performance, and also have a very interesting looking menu with wines chosen by a former sommelier at The Fat Duck. It's definitely going on our list for a future visit, but given our current no-fly status we'll have to make do with the website for now. Give it a look.

As usual, the comment box below is open for anything you care to hurl into it. Where are those video links you were threatening me with, Suze?



OK, so that's not my website. But I think this is just the coolest thing and wanted to post it here.

Credit where credit is due - link taken from Whedonesque (see http://whedonesque.com/comments/13562 )


(Actually, to be precise, I think they might be aboard the International Space Station: Altlantis was just how they got there)

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