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REPOST: Edinburgh Festival 2001

Simian Substitute Site for July 2007: Beta Monkey Music

Beta Monkey MusicFor anyone who's counting, this is the 100th post on what we're still calling Spank 2.0. And given that this version of the site will hit its first birthday in a fortnight, that means you've been getting an average of two posts a week since we restarted operations. (Anyone who points out that 31 of those 100 are reposts from the old site can just bugger off, frankly.)

What can you expect to come this month? Well, there may be some sort of celebration of the birthday itself: I haven't decided yet. There definitely should be a couple of new items, one of which has its own simian connection (no clues yet). And yes, I'll be adding to the repost count with recollections of previous Edinburgh Festivals, in preparation for our exhaustingive coverage of the latest one in August.

(Incidentally, you may want to take another look at the London Film Festival posts from previous years. Until recently, they consisted of just an index page, with links to the old site for the daily diary pages. Thanks to a newly-added feature in TypePad, I can now put those diary pages on the blog itself. So I'm already doing that for the Edinburgh reposts, and I'm working through the LFF archive bit by bit to hammer those posts into the same format.)

Meanwhile, your Simian Substitute Site for July 2007 is Beta Monkey Music. Nothing to do with Rob Manuel's band of sickos: in fact, the name conceals a rather neat pun. If you're in a band, and you don't want one of those big sweaty drummers stinking up the place, usually the only solution available to you is a drum machine: but they sound synthetic and soulless, and don't really work for anything other than straight dance music. Beta Monkey Music will sell you drum loops played by actual drummers, as collections of zipped audio files. You can feed them into the audio software of your choice, and presto! The feel of a live drummer, without the associated detox clinic bills. The site contains numerous free samples of the various types of loops they sell.

So having alienated all the drummers who read this blog (sorry Dave), do any of the rest of you have anything to say? The floor is open, and by 'floor' I actually mean 'small comments box below'.


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