Spank's Edinburgh Diary, Postscript 2007
Film 2007 with Britney Spears

Simian Substitute Site for September 2007: Stoop!d Monkey

Well, that's Edinburgh over for another year. In case you missed it, the Postscript appeared on the site yesterday, featuring additional comments from some of Spank's Pals. I'm expecting at least two more contributions over the next few days, so keep watching the page for new material.

And to answer Nick's question: yes, I'm definitely hoping to be back in Edinburgh for 2008. 2009 is another story, however...

Meanwhile, back to the site. After the Edinburgh frenzy of August, and before the usual London Film Festival madness of October, I'm expecting September to be relatively quiet around these parts. If nothing else, I need to give my wallet some time to heal after buying all those tickets. There'll be a few posts this month, sure, but ones involving less travelling and spending money. I haven't done any book reviews on the new blog yet, have I? Expect that to change over the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, the Simian Substitute Site Of The Month for September 2007 is a YouTube video entitled Stoop!d Monkey. To explain: there's a TV show called Robot Chicken that may interest you. In the US, it airs in the Cartoon Network's late-night Adult Swim slot (season 3 currently in progress, Sunday nights at 11.30pm): in the UK, it appears irregularly again on Adult Swim, but this time late on Bravo. The brainchild of Seth "used to be Oz on Buffy" Green and a few of his stoner mates, Robot Chicken is a ten-minute show built around quick-fire sketches using animated action figure toys. You could probably piece together the entire run of the show from the stolen bits that have appeared on YouTube, but there are also legitimate DVDs available - see links at bottom of page.

Anyway, Stoop!d Monkey is the production company of the show's co-creators Seth Green and Matthew Senreich. The nice thing about them as a company is that their logo at the end of the show changes every week - each time it's a different picture by Adam Talbott, showing a monkey doing something particularly stupid and/or life-threatening. YouTube user TwAmBs has obligingly put together a video of forty-odd of these logos, edited to an Iggy Pop soundtrack. Enjoy, and remember: no monkeys were harmed in the making of this one, either.

Comments box open below for general stuff, as usual. Will it be just Suze again this month, or does anyone else want to play?


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