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Simian Substitute Site for October 2007: The Flash Monkey

The Flash MonkeyWhat are you staring at?

Oh, yeah, the redesign. Well, let's face it, it was about time, wasn't it? The original site banner has been knocking around the internet since Bastille Day 1998: it was quickly thrown together using some blocky clipart and a distorted Comic Sans font, back in the days when the latter was fashionable rather than justifiable cause for murder. I never suspected at the time that the banner would still be here over nine years later. That's my excuse, anyway, and I'm sticking to it.

So, the banner's been revamped (with the opportunity to bring back a much-missed feature, The Site Tagline That Changes Roughly Once A Month), along with a couple of tweaks to the font and the colour scheme. And thanks to my splendid hosts at Typepad, it's a change that took a matter of minutes to apply across the entire blog: when I used to update the old site, it required me to recode a couple of hundred pages one at a time by hand, owing to my inability to get to grips with CSS. Your comments on the new look are welcomed below. (Whether I take any notice of them is another matter, of course.)

While I'm here, I should say something about the current banner tagline, "There's more stuff on here besides 'The Ladies' Bras', you know..." Regular visitors probably won't have been aware of this, but the readership of this site has increased by roughly a factor of ten within the past week. The reason? A month after Danny Baker's failed attempt at getting the song The Ladies' Bras into the charts via his podcast, the cause has been taken up by Scott Mills on his BBC Radio 1 afternoon show. Mills has a lot more listeners than Baker, and those listeners have been searching the web looking for information about Jonny Trunk and Wisbey's magnum opus - which, at the time of writing, is at number 27 on the singles chart.

According to my stats for last Wednesday (the day after Mills first played the song), the Ladies' Bras page was getting hit roughly once every minute during the day. Interest has slowed down a little since then, but there are still a lot of new people visiting this site for the very first time. Sadly, hardly any of them seem to be visiting any other pages after that, so I thought I'd address them directly - take a look through the archive categories on the right, there's plenty to see here. And as a bonus for any Bras fans who've managed to make it this far down the page, here's an instrumental version of the original tune courtesy of the DeWolfe Music Library.

Meanwhile, the Simian Substitute Site Of The Month for October 2007 (you newbies will have to look through the Simian archive to find out what that means) is The Flash Monkey. Nick, Nigel and other members of Spank's Pals keep telling me that burlesque cabaret is the up-and-coming thing: see, for example, Nigel's adventures with Miss Meow Meow at Edinburgh a month or so ago. The Flash Monkey is a burlesque night that runs every so often at the Cafe de Paris in London's urine-soaked West End, and judging from their gallery a rather wild time is had by all. Their next show, Cabaret Casbah, is on Thursday October 4th, so if you're reading this at the start of the month you may still have time to get tickets.

Lots more new stuff to come this month - including that book review I never quite got around to in September, and our usual bombastic coverage of the London Film Festival. Then again, I may just become a full-time internet resource on The Ladies' Bras instead. What do you think?


Susan (light)

W T F ?

Or: yea but where's the letters page smart alec

This 'interview' was actually made more than a year ago, and originally was not meant for that.Dazzl

Or my own column ?

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