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Simian Substitute Site for March 2008: Monkey Mondays

Monkey MondaysTo get one of the obvious outstanding bits of business out of the way first: yesterday (February 29th) was the closing date for the competition to win a copy of my 2007 compilation CD, Some People Are Just Nice. The response wasn't helped by my email forwarding provider changing the way things work so that entries were blocked for the first couple of weeks, but that all got fixed eventually. See the comments on the Some People page to find out the winner.

Apart from that, this will be a fairly brief update: The Belated Birthday Girl has just bought a new PC, and we've been spending most of today discovering just how shite Windows Vista is (we've had one Blue Screen Of Death already, and the thing's only been running for two hours). The sooner I get this piece finished, the sooner we can carry on shouting at software.

Plans for March? Well, you can expect a pair of reposts from the old place, relating to some stuff we did five years ago. Following on from the recent look back at the British Animation Awards 2006, there'll be a review of the 2008 candidates for their Public Choice Award. I might get around to doing that overview of the Pogues back catalogue in time for St Patrick's Day, or I might not. And there could well be a couple of other things reviewed along the way.

In the meantime, the Simian Substitute Site Of The Month for March 2008 is Monkey Mondays. To steal an explanation directly from the FAQ  page: "Since May 2000, artist Rob Elliott has emailed a monkey drawing to a list of subscribers nearly every Monday. Not everyone receives e-mail attachments properly, so the drawing is posted on the Monkey Mondays website as well." There's a rather lovely archive of the couple of hundred drawings he's created to date (including the Easter Monkey shown above), and a small shop in case you feel like sending him some money.

Anyway, I need to get back to sticking pins into this Action Man with a picture of Bill Gates' face stuck on its head. Any comments from you lot?


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