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The Collected Letters Of Spank The Monkey, 1998-2006

The classic 'Postman Pat bumming a dog' illustration from the 15/11/2001 LFF Diary. I'll start using new pictures tomorrow, promise Well, that's almost it for the repost frenzy of July 2008. Pretty much every word I ever wrote on the old site is now gathered together here with the more recent stuff. Is there anything I've missed?

I can hear Suze screaming from here, so yes, there's the letters page to consider. For eight years, the Unpleasant Lair published - and frequently responded to - virtually every mail it ever received, including the hate mail and the spam. I know Suze has complained that the move to a blog format with comments has reduced the possibility of anyone writing in about anything. There are things to be said both for and against that: read through the eight years of correspondence archived below and make up your own mind. Enjoy.

Year One: July 1998 - June 1999. First appearances by Old Lag and Carole Shields: guest appearance by TV's Richard Herring.

Year Two (part 1): July 1999 - December 1999. First appearance by Suzanne Vega Fanclub.
Year Two (part 2): January 2000 - June 2000. Guest appearance by journalist and author Steven Wells.

Year Three (part 1): July 2000 - October 2000. Guest appearance by TV writer/producer Lee Goldberg.
Year Three (part 2): November 2000 - February 2001. Includes character study of Angel by Suze.
Year Three (part 3): March 2001 - June 2001. Guest appearance by representative of the Ian McDiarmid Fanclub.

Year Four (part 1): July 2001 - October 2001. Guest appearance by comedian Rich Hall.
Year Four (part 2): November 2001 - February 2002. Guest appearance by French actress Sabine Bail.
Year Four (part 3): March 2002 - June 2002. Guest appearance by film director Tom Collins.

Year Five (part 1): July 2002 - October 2002. First letter from (not first appearance by) The Belated Birthday Girl.
Year Five (part 2): November 2002 - February 2003. Light on letters, heavy on Sheryl Crow pictures.
Year Five (part 3): March 2003 - June 2003. First of many links to lingerie sites: guest appearance by actress Melinda McDowell.

Year Six (part 1): July 2003 - October 2003. Legal threats from MPC Trust.
Year Six (part 2): November 2003 - February 2004. Legal threats from, first spam from Dora Casso.
Year Six (part 3): March 2004 - June 2004. Accused of calling all Chinese men gay.

Year Seven (part 1): July 2004 - October 2004.
Fan mail and hate mail from Australia.
Year Seven (part 2): November 2004 - February 2005. Laughing at fake cancer victim Maureen Clarks.
Year Seven (part 3): March 2005 - June 2005. Guest appearance by film festival curator Matt Palmer.

Year Eight (part 1): July 2005 - October 2005. Mostly about terrorism and tennis.
Year Eight (part 2): November 2005 - February 2006. Trading off the loss of my job against the discovery of my MON-STER pwoer.
Year Eight (part 3): March 2006 - July 2006. Guess who gets the last word?


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