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Spank's Edinburgh Diary, Postscript 2008

Edinburgh Castle, under the combined cover of night, fog, and how drunk I was when I took the photo. (Or it may have been The BBG who took it. I'm honestly not sure.)I need to keep reminding people of this: Spank's Pals are just all-round lovely folk. They don't need to contribute anything to my daily reports from the Edinburgh Festival, but they always do, and I'm grateful for it. So, once again, huge thanks to The Belated Birthday Girl, Charmian, Diane, Eve, Lee, Nick, Rhian, Stephen, Tomas, Anne, Jeremy and Roland for their contributions and companionship throughout the week.

Meanwhile, as the dust settles from Edinburgh 2008, people are inevitably thinking about the winners, the losers, and the ones in between. With that in mind, here are a few of Spank's Pals with their final thoughts from the Festival.

[Updated 02/09/2008: now includes additional notes from Charmian]

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