Spank's Edinburgh Diary, Postscript 2008

Simian Substitute Site for September 2008: Drunk Monkey

Drunk Monkey Well, that's Edinburgh wrapped up for another year. Although having said that, I received a late contribution to the Postscript from Charmian earlier on today, so expect to see that popping up in the near future. Anyway, hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

August is Edinburgh month: October is London Film Festival time: and that usually means that September is a bit of a dead lump in between the two. Hopefully, not so much this time, for two reasons. Firstly, there's the second part of my writeup of Japan 2008, which will (honestly) justify the subtitle of Hanging Out With Algy Bigknackers that I trailed at the end of the first part. And secondly, it struck me during July's repost frenzy just how few book reviews I've written here over the last couple of years, so I think this may well be the month when I put that right.

In the meantime, your Simian Substitute Site for September 2008 is Drunk Monkey.  Not quite sure why it's called that, apart from being an excuse to use the above eye-catching picture on the front page. It's the personal homepage of a guy called Robert Flint, and it's basically just a place where he can put his photos (plus an audio-visual Teach Yourself Khmer page that doesn't really fit in with the rest). Have a click around and explore for yourselves. (And in case you're tracing back to this page from your logs, Robert, it's only the use of the word 'monkey' in the title that led me to you.)

Comments! Go! (Mind you, the only person who left any comments in August was me. Sigh.)


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