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Simian Substitute Site for November 2008: Me Cheeta

Me Cheeta You know who I really feel sorry for? The people on this site's mailing list. Subscribers get an email from me whenever I post an update, which of course means that they've had me cluttering up their inboxes on a daily basis for the last two and a half weeks. Happily, now that the London Film Festival's over for another year, they shouldn't be getting so much junk in the mail from me for a while. (But if that sort of thing gives you a weird thrill, you can always subscribe yourself.)

Of course, the LFF coverage isn't quite over yet: we still have the post-Festival analysis to come in The Wrap Party, which should be appearing here in a week or so. As for the rest of the month, I suspect that I'll be taking it a little bit easier, and falling back on those racked-up book reviews I've mentioned in the past. (Though whenever I say those are coming, I always seem to find new stuff to write about instead. We'll see how it goes.)

In the meantime, your Simian Substitute Site for November 2008 is Me Cheeta. Yes, that's Cheeta as in the star of the Tarzan movies. He's been a Simian Substitute once before, exactly two years ago, when we focussed on the C.H.E.E.T.A. Primate Sanctuary and how Cheeta was doing paintings to raise money for them. Given his illustrious Hollywood career, it was only a matter of time before he wrote a tell-all memoir. The book Me Cheeta is all his own work (I wouldn't believe any of that nonsense you read in The Times), and tells the true thrilling story of his life without pulling any punches. (Sample quote: "If Marlene Dietrich was a good German, then the bad ones must be absolutely fucking terrifying.”)

The book's official site (from its UK publishers 4th Estate) has the usual promotional stuff like an interview and a gallery, but it also has an agenda. Which is this: they want Cheeta to be given a Lifetime Achievement award at the BAFTAs next year. Their petition has 1405 signatures at the time of writing, and has the support of celebrities as diverse as Bez from Happy Mondays and Rowena from Happy Mondays. Feel free to add your name and email address to the list. I'm sure it's not just a scam to harvest lots of email addresses for parent publisher Harper Collins, honest.

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