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Simian Substitute Site for February 2009: Precious Monkey Jewellery

Precious Monkey Jewellery The thing is, I tend to plan Januaries really badly. Back at the beginning of last month, I was promising the usual end-of-year roundups of VidBinge and the Pick Of The Year CD: plus the opening articles of the year-long Spank Gold project: plus a writeup of what we did in Prague over Christmas. Looking back, that was probably a tad overambitious. As it was, I ended up with three of those articles - three fairly big ones at that - spurting out onto the interweb over a five-day period. Sorry about that.

Plus, as you can tell from the links above, the Prague piece hasn't quite happened yet. Expect that some time during February, hopefully (which, now I think about it, tends to be when most of the Christmas travel pieces end up being published anyway). Additionally, Spank Gold will cover the post-Communist euphoria of 1990, and there may be some other stuff as well. And don't forget there's still time to enter the competition to win the 2008 Pick Of The Year CD, as the closing date isn't until the end of February. (Of course, given the rules, it may have been won already, but I'm buggered if I'm going to tell you that.)

In the meantime, your Simian Substitute Site for February 2009 is Precious Monkey Jewellery. They're a UK company who make their own original designs, and only buy from ethical sources so that you don't need to worry about that whole blood diamonds thing. None of their designs feature actual monkeys, sadly - the closest you'll get is their Monkey Marque, which is just a fancy 'M'. You can buy jewellery for all possible occasions, including Valentine's Day if you're reading this in early February and haven't got your loved one a present yet. (Although it's not the sort of thing I'd buy in the circumstances, as I'm sure The Belated Birthday Girl would confirm.)

Hopefully this recommendation won't be as cursed as the Simian Substitute Site for January, the video of Monkey Cup by 7 Seconds Of Love. I was trying to plug the associated download-only Pork EP in the article, but it turns out that 7SOL's digital distributor went bust at the start of the year, so you can't buy it any more. The band has rather kindly made it available for free download, though, so feel free to do that. (And have a look at the charming video for another track, Miss U, while you're at it.)

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That may well be true. However, Samara James doesn't have the word 'monkey' in its name, so I don't care.


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I'm enjoying the way that this post has turned into a magnet for jewellery-related spam comments, so I'll let them stay for the moment.

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