SPANK GOLD: London Film Festival 1990

Simian Substitute Site for March 2009: Monkey March

Monkey MarchFeeling much better now, thanks. Although the requirement to take it easy for a couple of weeks after I FRACTURED BOTH MY BASTARD ELBOWS has taken its toll on the update frequency of this site. The main casualty has been the writeup of our Christmas visit to Prague, which now hopefully will be with you some time before Easter. It should be worth the wait, I hope.

Other things to look out for this month include the latest instalments of Spank Gold, this time focussing on my festival activity in 1991: plus a few other bits and pieces, I expect. And if you're looking for the results of the CD competition, you can find them right now on the These Beats Are 20 Years Old page.

In the meantime, your Simian Substitute Site for March 2009 is Monkey March. (See if you can guess the thought processes that led me to choose that one.) The aim of the site is clearly stated on the front page: "The Monkey March is a nationwide campaign encouraging young children to get active with their families, whilst raising funds for disabled children in the UK." They're organising a series of 1km fancy dress fun walks for the under-fives (hence the monkey costumes in the picture), in aid of the Caudwell Children charity. The site gives you all the help you need to set up a walk in your area, including event packs and fundraising guidelines.

Ooh, my elbows are tired, better stop for a bit. How about some comments from you lot?


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