SPANK GOLD: Younger Than The Stones: Pick Of The Year 1993
Edinburgh Festival 2009: Unspanked & Institutionalised

Simian Substitute Site for September 2009: The Lonesome Stranger

I said August was going to be a quiet month round here, but it turned out I was wrong. So I'm not sure I should even attempt to guess how September's going to play out. Here's what I know: because I fell behind a little in July what with the TOTAL BLOODY ECLIPSE and all that, I'm planning two Spank Gold pieces on the London Film Festival. Once I've got 1996 and 1997 out of the way, that'll be the decks cleared in time to get back up to date with 2009 (and there's interesting news already available). Also in old badly remembered shit, I'll be looking back at the Pick Of The Year compilation for 1994, and wondering why I'm trying to remember it when I could just get the cassette out of its box and play it.

As for new stuff, it's all currently under negotiation. One way or another, there'll be a brief return to Edinburgh: beyond that, we'll just have to wait and see. (And that includes the photos and video wrapping up Year Of The Monkey 2009, although regulars could always try looking in the usual places to see what's there so far.)

In the meantime, your Simian Substitute Site for September 2009 is The Lonesome Stranger. It is an all-monkey Western. I'm not saying I approve or anything, just that it's there. (And let's face it, us Brits did that sort of thing better anyway.)

Busy. Gotta run. Comments?


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