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Simian Substitute Site for April 2010: Fleabag Monkeyface


Internet: If you regularly follow the right-hand sidebar of this site, you may have been surprised to see The Unpleasant Moblog recently spluttering back into life again. It's partly driven by the retirement of my Nokia 7610 cameraphone, and its replacement with a Nokia E72 featuring five times as many megapixels (i.e., five). So expect an increase in the number of photos of mine you see on the web, either on the Moblog or, erm, somewhere else I haven't told you about just yet.

Movies: Exit Through The Gift Shop is easily the funniest movie I've seen so far this year. Banksy's street art 'documentary' works on that same satirical high frequency that Chris Morris uses - without explicitly saying so, he makes it obvious to the audience that he's taking the piss, while allowing us to feel smarter than the people on camera who fall for it. It's more reliably funny than, say, Kick-Ass, which is so desperate to demonstrate its edginess that it spunks away virtually all of its best jokes in a couple of red band trailers.

Music: March was a good month for live music in London. Started it with Jaga Jazzist at Islington Academy, where they took their slightly noodly tunes and added big hairy bollocks to them in live performance. Finished it at the O2 with Peter Gabriel, whose voice is still holding up magnificently, although the amplification required to balance it against a 50-piece orchestra inevitably meant some of the subtleties were lost. Looking ahead, we'll soon have Here Lies Love, a musical version of the life of Imelda Marcos featuring David Byrne, Fatboy Slim and 20 guest female vocalists. It's released on April 6th, and until then you can hear the whole damn thing streamed for free courtesy of NPR.

In the meantime, your Simian Substitute Site for April 2010 is Fleabag Monkeyface. You don't expect to open the pages of Private Eye and see an advert for a series of children's books, but that's precisely what happened a few weeks ago. Still, the title sounded curiously appealing, so I followed the weblink in the advert, and discovered why it was in the magazine in the first place: the Fleabag Monkeyface books are by Knife and Packer, the duo responsible for the Eye's trendy-bashing strip It's Grim Up North London. By comparison, their work for children is much less satirical (although one blogger would disagree).

Four books of The Disgusting Adventures Of Fleabag Monkeyface have been published to date, with a fifth one on the way in June. A quick scan of their titles - When Earwax Attacks, The Creature From The Pink Lagoon, King Pong, Invasion Of The Grubby Snatchers and Moldfinger - should give you an idea of the sort of audience they're aimed at, i.e. boys of pretty much any age. People who like to think of themselves as grown-up may find the accompanying Knife and Packer biography and interview more to their liking. The rest of us will be waiting for those downloadable "gross-tastic activity sheets" they're promising on the homepage.

On the subject of gross-tastic activities, how about some comments from you all?


Spank the monkey

Exit Through The Gift Shop is the funniest movie I've also seen. Sure I can agree on that. But the title of this blog is what get me confused. I thought its about the game ... you know .. when you spank the monkey ... like here :

Cheers anyways.


First mentioned here in December 2001. Try to keep up.


I don't like this movie at all, I think it is a quite interesting, but doesn't contain the sequence I was waiting for. I think the producer was able to do a better work.

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