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Spank Gold Volume 3: Spank's Edinburgh Diaries 1989-1999

Please take your glasses back to the bar Just a quick interlude in the middle of the Rising Monkey 2010 posts: expect the final two of those to follow fairly soon. (And I actually mean that, not like the last post of the China 2009 writeup, which is threatening to be one whole year late...)

Anyhoo: books. Here's the new one.

Technically, Spank's Edinburgh Diaries Volume One was meant to be coming out at the end of April. It's funny how having a big holiday in Japan knocks a hole in your schedules, doesn't it? Still, like Spank's LFF Diaries Volume One, this took a bit of effort to convert from the web to the page, mainly because it was written over two independent time periods.

The first half of this particular volume was written as part of 2009's Spank Gold project, and was my attempt at trying to reconstruct my thoughts on the Edinburgh Festivals I visited between 1989 and 1996. The second half covers the first two Festivals I documented as I went in a daily blog, in 1998 and 1999. I think I've reconciled the two bits together into a coherent whole: buy it and see what you think.

As far as future books go, I want to try and get back on schedule again, so the next one should still be coming out at the end of June. But there's a change to that schedule: back in February I was saying that I'd be bringing out eight books in this series, and I've recently decided to strip that back to seven. I had plans for a VidBinge book, but looking through my first draft I don't think there's enough material to make it work. However, the plans for the seventh and (now) final book in the series have also changed. You'll have to wait a few months to find out more about those, but let's just say for the moment that it's becoming a slightly better prospect as a Christmas present.

But for now, from the author of Monkey Round The World and Spank's LFF Diaries Volume One, comes Spank's Edinburgh Diaries Volume One. It's comparatively short (168 pages), so it's cheaper than the other two: you've got no excuse for not getting it. Well, not as many excuses, anyway.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.


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