Simian Substitute Site for August 2010: Gympanzee
Revisiting Spank's Audio Lair


This is not jumping on a bandwagon, it's just an experiment. Along with the two existing methods by which you can be notified whenever this site is updated - the RSS feed, or the mailing list - there is now a third.

Because I have a Twatfeed:


Remember how annoyed The Belated Birthday Girl was when I started a blog? Imagine how she's feeling now.

Actually, to be fair, she's been pretty cool about it so far. I've given her an assurance that I will not be using Twitter to tell people what I had for breakfast in 140 characters. (Mainly because I already have a blog that allows me to tell people what I had for breakfast in 1500 words.) No, it's just intended as a promotional tool for the site: another way of telling readers when a new page is up, not to mention a sneaky method of informing people that I'm talking about them. Yes, it's a complete coincidence that I'm doing this just before the start of my Edinburgh Festival coverage, obviously.

So, if you do this sort of thing, then feel free to follow @SpankTM and see what happens. And if you don't, then don't.


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