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MOSTLY FILM: 32 Short Films About Brian Limond

Choose now!That title's a terribly obscure reference, especially since the original movie was nearly two decades ago. But my view is this: if it was good enough for The Simpsons, then it's good enough for Limmy's Show, the subject of my latest article for Mostly Film.

At this point, some of the regulars may be throwing things at their computer screen and complaining that it's all repeats nowadays. And it's true: I did write about Limmy's Show here about a year ago, in a piece comparing it with its contemporary Scottish sketch show Burnistoun. That was at the end of Limmy's first season, and I reached certain conclusions about how funny he was. This new piece was written following the end of season two - and things have changed. You'll have to read the full article to find out more.

Okay, then, here's a little bit more. I made a decision quite early on to structure my piece around twelve sketches from the show: one from each episode, in chronological order. The plan was not to pick the twelve best sketches Limmy has ever done: rather, it was to use the sketches to construct some sort of narrative about how the show's developed episode by episode.

All twelve sketches are embedded as YouTube clips in the body of the article - but if you're feeling lazy, I've compiled them all into a playlist which you can access via a single click below. (If I'd thought about it earlier, I could have worked all the videos into an Adam Curtis-style mashup. "This is a story about the rise of the machines, and how they allowed a man from Glasgow to make one thousand of his followers hate him in the space of twenty-four hours." But I didn't.)

32 Short Films About Brian Limond is the first of four articles on Mostly Film this week on the subject of great TV shows that you may have missed. Aside from today's focus on Scotland, other MF writers will be introducing you to some obscure programming from Ireland and America.  Visit daily to find out more about these, and loads of other stuff too.


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