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MOSTLY FILM: London Film Festival 2011 - The Afterparty

Yes, yes, I know you're sick to death of the London Film Festival by now. We're nearly done, promise. But were you aware that in addition to the coverage you've been following here over the last couple of weeks, there have also been daily reports from the folks at Mostly Film, Europe's Best Website?

(Well, I say daily. That doesn't include Saturdays and Sundays, when apparently they can't be bothered posting anything on the internet, unlike me. Lazy, lazy Mostly Film.)

Anyway, today their finest contributors (plus me) are there to tell you about the best and worst things they've seen at the LFF this year, in a piece called The Afterparty. Regular readers will know that I've been concluding my annual LFF reports with something called The Wrap Party since, ooh, 2000: but after fifteen days of three movies a day, I'm too tired to sue. (This year's Wrap Party should be appearing towards the end of this week, by the way. My contribution to Mostly Film's wrapup takes a slight step sideways from the requested brief, so rest assured there's going to be only a little duplication between the two.)

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