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MOSTLY FILM: Tucker and Dale vs Distribution

This could technically be considered a spoiler, if it wasn't so bleedin' obvious from quite early on that it was going to happenSix months ago today, it was. Six months since a bunch of former inhabitants of the Guardian film talkboards pulled themselves out of the smouldering ruins of their former home, and set up shop on a new blog called Mostly Film. Since then, every weekday has seen a new post go up, building into a repository of only slightly warped opinions on music, telly, art, comics, books, hotels... but mostly, film.

I had the honour of contributing the first article on Mostly Film six months ago, looking at Alex Cox's contribution to cult cinema. And purely by coincidence, I've also contributed today's half-birthday piece: again, looking at cult cinema, but this time from the perspective of how changing distribution models and the death of video rental have affected the way we consume it.

Once again, readers of this site get some related bonus material to stop them complaining about how I've written hardly anything for my own website over the past month. Having said that, the bonus material is another bloody YouTube playlist. But an interesting one, I think.

See that statistic in the opening paragraph of today's piece? It's all true. On the weekend of September 30th 2011, eighteen films were released in UK cinemas, a ridiculous logjam which explains why low-budget and cult movies find it so hard to make any sort of impact in the theatrical marketplace. (Caveats follow, for those of you who read the film reviews in the papers. Three of those films were Bollywood productions, which tend not to get reviewed in the national press because they can survive just fine without them. Two of them - Abduction and The Boy Mir - opened a day or two early to artificially pump up their opening weekend figures with preview screenings. And just to confuse matters, the main film reviewed last week by several of the papers was George Harrison: Living In The Material World, the Martin Scorsese documentary getting a series of one-off screenings a couple of days after that weekend.)

Still. 18 films, eh? What must they all look like? Well, now you know. Have fun.



And for those of you curious to know how much each of those films made last weekend, here's The Guardian's Charles Gant with the stats. There are some terrifyingly low numbers near the bottom of the page.

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