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Living For The Weekend: A 2012 Diary By The BBG

See http://www.tokyo-skytree.jp/english/ for explanation of cover photoDid you get a diary for Christmas? If you did, just open it now and have a quick flick through. Have you spotted the fundamental design flaw in it yet?

The Belated Birthday Girl has. And that's why she's designed her own diary, which we're proud to unveil to the world today.

It all started about a year ago, when The BBG was trying to buy a new diary for 2011. As she made her way through the range at WH Smiths, you could see her getting more and more frustrated by them. The reason? What she wanted was a week-to-view diary, with seven days across a single two-page spread. Now, there are plenty of diaries on the market which offer you that. But it's how those seven days are spread across the pages that she found frustrating.

Go back to that diary I asked you to look at in the first paragraph. Spotted it yet? Notice that typically, the amount of space dedicated to the working week - Monday to Friday - vastly outstrips the amount of space allocated for Saturday and Sunday. All too often, the weekend is crammed into the same size area that's taken up by a single weekday. Which is a bit of a bummer if you use your diary to plot social appointments and other fun things, and have more of those at the weekend than you do at weekdays.

What she needed, said The BBG, was a diary that covered a week in two pages - except that Monday to Friday would take up one page, and Saturday and Sunday would take up the other one.

What she needed, I said, was a publisher who could pick up that idea and present it to the outside world. Perhaps one which had previous form in getting niche publications out to single-figure audiences.

It took a while to bring the idea to fruition - and if we're honest, most of the work was done in a mad rush on Christmas Eve - but finally, in the early hours of Christmas Day morning, a book called Living For The Weekend: 2012 Diary hit the virtual shelves at lulu.com. Which is far too late in the year to be publishing a diary, true, but the counter-argument to that is shut up.

It's a perfect-bound paperback pocket diary, 17.5cm by 10.8cm. As promised, each week takes up a two-page spread: Monday to Friday are on the left-hand side, with plenty of space on the right for Saturday, Sunday and general notes. All the UK holidays are marked in there, plus a couple of bonus dates that The BBG thought it would be useful to include - one of them relates to her front cover photo. Granted, the diary is missing a couple of the fancier features that other diaries do (calendars and address book space, for example), but if this turns out to be a popular idea then she may include them in the 2013 edition.

The BBG is currently thinking that it would be incredibly funny if Living For The Weekend outsold my own books on Lulu. And you know what? I think it would be incredibly funny too. It's only £3.99 plus postage: order now for delivery in, um, early 2012. (You could, of course, save a bit on postage by ordering one of mine at the same time...)


Suzanne vega fanclub (East Midlands Branch)

Unfortunately I am a little put off by the phallic symbol on the cover, to invest in this.


To be fair, the version on the cover is only half-erected.

delhi escorts

What's this all abou !

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