You've Done An Awesome Job Kevin: Pick Of The Year 2011
A Krampus Carol

MOSTLY FILM: The Book Of Mormon

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, at the opening night of The Book Of MormonWhat's been the most memorable thing that's happened in 2011? Some would say the wedding of Will and Kate, others the death of Osama bin Laden. But all these events pale into insignificance against the launch of Mostly Film, which has firmly established itself as Europe's Best Website in less than nine months of existence.

Currently, the writing team on Mostly Film are taking a look back at the year, just like everyone else, and asking contributors to write about one of 2011's cultural highlights. Several of these have been movies: films such as Margaret, Confessions, Beginners, Submarine and A Separation have all been discussed in depth so far, as well as a roundup of the activity in London's rep cinemas

But as the name implies, the site's brief is Mostly Film. So we've also had a piece on the year's best song: and today, it's my turn to focus on theatre, and specifically the Broadway production of The Book Of Mormon that impressed me so much on our trip to New York earlier this year. I look at how it fits into the careers of South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, ponder on how Robert Lopez has tweaked their approach for the stage, and generally try to spoil as few of the jokes for you as possible. You can read it here.

Looking for some bonus stuff? Well, here's something for you: as I say in the article, music has been a huge part of Parker and Stone's comedy from day one. Their first film was a musical: they've got a hobby rock band called DVDA (probably best not to Google that name): and South Park's characters seem to break into song at the drop of a bobble hat. What someone should do is assemble some sort of playlist covering the entire range of their output.

The playlist below was, frankly, thrown together pretty quickly, and I'm pretty sure that I've missed several classics along the way. But here are a dozen or so Parker and Stone songs from 1993 to the present day, pulled off the top of my head as examples of ones that have amused me over the years. Hopefully they'll amuse you too. Erm, there may be the odd bit of swearing here and there, just so you're warned.


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