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MOSTLY FILM: Eat My Shorts!

The editor at Mostly Film needed an extra image to include in my article, and chose one from Adam And Dog featuring rear male nudity. I feel I have no choice but to respond with frontal male nudity. Not that you can really see it at this resolution, of course.If this was an even-numbered year - like, say, 2012 - then this would be around the time when I'd be telling you about all the fine work being shown as part of the British Animation Awards. But it's an odd-numbered year, so we'll just have to make do with the Oscars instead.

The 2013 Academy Awards take place this Sunday, and inevitably Mostly Film will be giving the event its full attention. The main thing to watch out for will be a liveblog on Sunday night, which will be ready and waiting for you on Monday morning if you can't be bothered staying up that late. But as a curtain-raiser to that, we have today's article Eat My Shorts! It's a two-part review of the short film nominees: Indy Datta has taken on the live-action films, while I cover the animations. From the look of things, it sounds like I had the better part of the deal.

The animated shorts are all viewable from the links in the Mostly Film piece, unless they've been killed off again: a recent article on Deadline has a few interesting things to say about that. (It should be noted that Shorts HD were claiming that they'd have the Animated Shorts programme on sale via iTunes from February 19th: as of the 21st, they're still not up yet.) Meanwhile, in this Red Button feature, I'll give you a few extra things to read and look at.

Taking the animations in the order I wrote about them:

Maggie Simpson In The Longest Daycare is, of course, a spinoff from The Simpsons, so there isn't much more that can be said about it. Except that when it turned up in cinemas last year, it was preceded by what is possibly the shortest trailer ever made.

Adam And Dog is the subject of a Tumblr with lots of fine-looking production art and various bits of news. There's an interesting interview with Minkyu Lee in Animation World Network with some background into the film's making.

Fresh Guacamole was the last of the shorts to be pulled from YouTube - it was there two days before the article was published, it isn't there any more. Don't tell anyone you can still see it on the Showtime site! Meanwhile, the rest of PES's work is viewable on his homepage.

Head Over Heels is the only one of the shorts to have its own website. If you want to see some of Timothy Reckart's other animations, he has a small gallery of videos on Cargo Collective.

Paperman may have been removed from YouTube by Disney, but they're happy to leave a couple of behind-the-scenes videos up there - one featuring narration by director John Kahrs, the other a more technical breakdown of key scenes.

As for the shorts discussed by Indy, you'll have to make do with a few trailers: Death Of A Shadow, Henry, Curfew, Buzkashi Boys and Asad. Note that the live-action shorts programme, unlike the animation, is available on iTunes.

Who's going to win? Place your bets now! (But gamble responsibly.)


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