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Director Pang Ho-Cheung demonstrating his casting couch technique at the Vulgaria premiereAs I mentioned around the time that Mostly Film celebrated its second birthday, I seem to have three specialist subjects I write about for the site: Asia, sleaze, and cult film. So I'm delighted to announce that my first contribution to its third year of existence touches all three of those bases. (What, the Monoglot Movie Club things? They're separate. Stop ruining my intro.)

Currently on Europe's Best Website, you can read my review of Vulgaria, a Hong Kong film that's just been released on DVD and Blu-ray by Third Window Films. They're the distributors who famously gave up on theatrical releasing last year, claiming that the costs of trying to put niche arthouse films in UK cinemas had become prohibitive. That's a pity, particularly in the case of a comedy like Vulgaria: I saw it in a packed cinema thanks to Third Window's friends at the Terracotta Film Club, and it's just the sort of film that thrives on the shared experience. Still, as I say in the review, you should still have a blast watching it at home.

Vulgaria is directed by Pang Ho-Cheung. So what else has he done? Well, you can find out in today's Red Button Content, as we hammer through his career in 30 minutes or so of video.

Here are the trailers for Pang Ho-Cheung's eleven films to date:

1. You Shoot, I Shoot (2001). An interesting contrast with the Vulgaria trailer that's coming at the end of this playlist: both of them point up the dodgier elements in the film, but this one's in the nature of a sarcastic boast rather than a warning.

2. Men Suddenly In Black (2003). Nothing to do with alien invasions or anything like that, this is a comedy about a group of guys who go on a 14 hour whoring binge while their wives are on holiday. Pang's first collaboration with Vulgaria star Chapman To.

3. Beyond Our Ken (2004). Gillian Chung seeks revenge after being dumped by her boyfriend.

4. AV (2005). AV standing for 'Adult Video' in this case: Pang's first foray into the comedy potential of the porn industry.

5. Isabella (2006). Part of an interesting little sub-genre of Hong Kong films, set during the 1999 handover of nearby Macau from Portuguese to Chinese control, which may have a historical parallel somewhere or other. Chapman To meets up with his estranged daughter there.

6. Exodus (2007). Simon Yam plays a cop who discovers a conspiracy by women to kill all men. I assume it's some sort of metaphor...

7. Trivial Matters (2007). A collection of vignettes based on Pang's published short stories.

8. Love In A Puff (2010). A romantic comedy inspired by Hong Kong's ban on indoor smoking areas, forcing smokers to gather round outdoor ashtrays and meet up there. Why didn't Richard Curtis think of that over here?

9. Dream Home (2010). Until Vulgaria, this was the only Pang film to get a release in the UK, because horror sells internationally - in this particular case, satirical horror about a woman who's prepared to kill to get the apartment she wants.

10. Love In The Buff (2012). How did the couple from Love In A Puff get on after the end of the film? Find out in the inevitable sequel, set less inevitably in Beijing.

11. Vulgaria (2012). And this is where we came in.


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