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Joey Leung, boss of Terracotta and the sharpest-dressed man on the London film festival circuit. (It's not that difficult a title to win, though.)In 2009, the year of the first Terracotta Far East Film Festival, I wrote a shortish review of four of the films shown there. In 2010 I didn't get to the Festival at all, because The Belated Birthday Girl and I were swanning around Japan at the time. In 2011, I bought my first ever Terracotta Festival Pass, saw eleven films in three days while under the influence of crippling jetlag, and reviewed them all for Mostly Film in an article I whimsically chose to entitle Terracottadammerung. In 2012, that got cranked up to sixteen films in four days, but at least without the jetlag.

The Terracotta Far East Film Festival 2013 will take place on June 6th-15th at the Prince Charles and ICA cinemas in London, and yes, I'll be there again. This time round, however, my accompanying article for Mostly Film is a pre-festival preview, which shares a title with the Festival's Twitter hashtag for this year: #TFEFF13. I haven't seen many of the films as yet, but thanks to a combination of press notes and YouTube clips, I've had a go at recommending the ones to catch at the fest next month. If all those words I've written feel too much like hard work, don't worry: the accompanying Red Button Content for the piece is a playlist of the trailers for all 27 films. I set it up to help me with the research for the article, and now I've finished with it you may as well have it. You're welcome.

The trailers appear in the order in which they appear in the Festival, with screening information included. Book your tickets through the Terracotta Festival site, obviously.

Terracotta Film Club
Days Of Being Wild: Wednesday May 29th, 21:00, Prince Charles.

Prince Charles Cinema, Day 1
Rouge: Thursday June 6th, 18:05, Prince Charles.
Cold War: Thursday June 6th, 20:05, Prince Charles.

Prince Charles Cinema, Day 2
Happy Together: Friday June 7th, 12:45, Prince Charles.
Love Me Not: Friday June 7th, 14:45, Prince Charles.
When A Wolf Falls In Love With A Sheep: Friday June 7th, 16:50, Prince Charles.
Young Gun In The Time: Friday June 7th, 18:50, Prince Charles.
Karaoke Girl: Friday June 7th, 20:45, Prince Charles.

TerrorCotta All-Nighter
Belenggu: Friday June 7th, from 23:30, Prince Charles.
Ghost Story Of Yotsuya: Friday June 7th, from 23:30, Prince Charles.
Henge: Friday June 7th, from 23:30, Prince Charles.
Countdown: Friday June 7th, from 23:30, Prince Charles.
Zomvideo: Friday June 7th, from 23:30, Prince Charles.

Prince Charles Cinema, Day 3
The Assassins: Saturday June 8th, 12:15, Prince Charles.
A Story Of Yonosuke: Saturday June 8th, 14:35, Prince Charles.
Drug War: Saturday June 8th, 17:45, Prince Charles.
The Berlin File: Saturday June 8th, 20:00, Prince Charles.

Prince Charles Cinema, Day 4
See You Tomorrow, Everyone: Sunday June 9th, 12:40, Prince Charles.
A Werewolf Boy: Sunday June 9th, 15:45, Prince Charles.
The Bullet Vanishes: Sunday June 9th, 18:15, Prince Charles.
The Land Of Hope: Sunday June 9th, 20:20, Prince Charles.

Focus on Indonesia
The Dancer: Tuesday June 11th, 20:30, ICA.
Lovely Man: Wednesday June 12th, 18:30, ICA.
What They Don't Talk About When They Talk About Love: Thursday June 13th, 18:30, ICA.
Postcards From The Zoo: Friday June 14th, 20:30, ICA.
Opera Java: Saturday June 15th, 15:30, ICA.
The Blindfold: Saturday June 15th, 20:30, ICA.


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