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Simian Substitute Site For May 2013: How To Prevent Or Survive A Monkey Attack

How To Prevent Or Survive A Monkey AttackMONTH END PROCESSING FOR APRIL 2013

Art: You've got until the end of May to catch the Lichtenstein: A Retrospective exhibition at Tate Modern in London. Mind you, some people would rather you didn't. For me, it was interesting to see that the large-scale swipes from comic books weren't the only things Lichtenstein did: this exhibition also includes many of his lesser-known works, culminating in a room of his lovely Chinese landscapes. But the most famous pieces have reawakened an old debate amongst the comics community about how the work of the original artists has been reappropriated without any sort of acknowledgement. This time round, there's going to be an attempt at redressing the balance: a rival exhibition called Image Duplicator, to be held at the gallery in Orbital Comics from May 16th, in which comics artists will rework Lichtenstein's images while giving credit to the original illustrators rather than him. Judging from the images released so far, it's definitely going to be worth a look, although I suspect the Tate exhibition will have better beer.

Comedy: It's very silly, I admit. Adam Buxton has been running his Bug video shows at BFI Southbank for six years now, and I haven't attended a single one of them. But when he does one in Leicester on the week that I happen to be working there, well of course I'm going to go along. The Phoenix arts centre was nicely rammed for a show that roughly followed the format of its telly equivalent, but with a few more sections where two videos were played back to back to give Doctor Buckles time for a wee sit down. I could just give you a playlist of the ten videos shown - if that's all you want, we could do that now - but Bug is so much more than that. It's also about the rambly anecdotes from Buxton's personal life, the daft voices he uses to read out YouTube comments, and the opportunity to see something as mental as Biting Elbows' Bad Motherfucker with an audience on a big screen at dangerous volume. I'll get to a London show one of these days! Eventually.

Music: After a few years of near misses, last weekend The Belated Birthday Girl and I finally caught a live show by The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing. First brought to our attention by their guitarist Andrew O'Neill in his day job as a stand-up comic, The Men are a steampunk band with a collection of noisy songs about the concerns and issues arising from the Industrial Revolution. They're also funny as hell. A quick test for you - do you like this? Well, imagine what that would be like with an audience full of women in bustles and men in stovepipe hats. The songs from their two albums all sounded great, but the newer songs sounded even better, which bodes well for the band's future (Jesus Was A Cockney for Christmas number one, please). Fine support on the night came from scary thrashers Reprisal and R&B socialists Thee Faction, the latter providing a definitive answer to the question "what would Dexy's Midnight Runners sound like if they were fronted by Jeremy Hardy?"

In the meantime, your Simian Substitute Site for May 2013 is the wikiHow page on How To Prevent Or Survive A Monkey Attack. It's pretty much self-explanatory. Sorry if you were expecting a bit more from me on the subject.

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