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Living For The Weekend: A 2014 Diary By The BBG story so far. Towards the end of 2011, The Belated Birthday Girl's frustration with the diaries available in shops reached some sort of peak. None of them were laid out in the specific way she wanted. So, with the aid of my book publishing arrangement over at Lulu, she made her own.

She did it again towards the end of 2012.

This article doesn't need anything like this number of paragraph breaks, but it helps to make the text stretch out to fit against the portrait-formatted image on the left. Because she's now designed a third one. So if you're in the market for a new diary, why not consider Living For The Weekend: 2014 Diary? Available for just £3.99 plus postage from Lulu. Buy now for Xmas. (Disclaimer: may not arrive in time for Xmas.)

As in previous years, the key USP of Living For The Weekend is its week-to-view layout. Other diaries allocate the bulk of their space to the working week. and crush Saturday and Sunday into a tiny space on the right-hand page. Not this one: each weekly two-page spread has almost a whole page dedicated to the weekend, leaving plenty of room for you to schedule all the fun things that you do outside of work.

All the other things you'd expect from a diary - calendars, notes sections, a space to glue in your favourite travel map - are there too. (Okay, maybe you wouldn't expect the last one, but it costs money to reproduce the tube map in a book, and we don't have that.) All of these features have been squished into a handy 120 page perfect-bound pocket-sized paperback, just small enough to fit into a handbag or a pair of trendy trousers with slightly oversized pockets.

And for the third year running, Living For The Weekend is still available at the bargain price of £3.99, plus postage and packing. Actually, if you're reading this in the run-up to Christmas, try looking closely at the Lulu page header, as you may find a discount code that will let you get it even cheaper than that. (#decktheshelf, perhaps.)

Living For The Weekend: 2014 Diary is out now. If you enjoy it, then why not complete the set by buying its predecessors? For a limited time only, you can pick up Living For The Weekend: 2013 Diary and Living For The Weekend: 2012 Diary at a stupendous 15% discount. Bargain! Also, all of my old crap is still available from my Lulu bookstore, in both paper and electronic formats, so you could possibly have a peek at those too. Thank you.


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