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MOSTLY FILM: East Side Stories

You know, until I watched Love Strikes!, I wouldn't have believed that there was such a thing as 'too much karaoke'.I've had a long-standing relationship with the Japan Foundation's annual touring film programmes. I reviewed several of the movies in the 2008, 2010 and 2011 seasons on this site: then I moved the operation over to Mostly Film for 2012 and 2013, writing previews of the films rather than reviews.

I've got a taste for pre-festival screeners now, to be honest, so I'm doing it all over again for the 2014 season, in a preview article called East Side Stories that's up on Mostly Film today. Of the eleven films in the collection, I managed to get hold of advance copies of six, and could also cannibalise one of my old Terracotta Festival reviews for a seventh. I'm hoping to catch the other four movies during the tour itself, and I'll try to review those in the comments section of the article.

The season hits various UK arthouse cinemas from today (January 31st), and tours for the next two months - full details are at the bottom of the Mostly Film piece. Meanwhile, do you want to see some clips of the films on offer? As usual, this handy Red Button backup content can help.

Ideally this would just be a simple YouTube playlist, but I've had to get some of these clips from alternative sources. And as ever, there's every chance that copyright lawyers will have nuked some of these videos from orbit by the time you get to see them. With those caveats in mind, here are three video playback windows...

This YouTube playlist has trailers for nine of the eleven films in the season. In order, we have The Story Of Yonosuke, The Drudgery Train, Sorry, Shindo, Parade, Otakus In Love, Love Strikes!, Colorful and Capturing Dad.

This one here is a trailer for Your Friends, courtesy of the good people at Eigapedia.

Finally, as I couldn't get hold of a trailer for the one archive presentation in the set - the 1963 production 18 Who Caused A Storm - you'll have to make do with the whole film, courtesy of the notoriously dodgy Chinese site Youku. Yes, I know there's a catch, you'll have to work out how to get around that for yourselves. Do I have to do everything for you?

(On an unrelated matter, I also briefly popped up on Mostly Film again earlier this week, as part of the analysis of the Mostly Film Best Of 2013 list. And I do mean 'briefly'.)

[Left to right: The Story Of Yonosuke, The Drudgery Train, Sorry, Shindo, Parade, Otakus In Love, Love Strikes!, Colorful, Your Friends, 18 Who Caused A Storm. Unfortunately, Capturing Dad appears not to have been released on DVD yet.]


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