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MOSTLY FILM: East Side Stories

MOSTLY FILM: None More Obscure

In a long-forgotten Public Information Film from the mid-1980s, popular television personality Alexei Sayle demonstrates the dangers of trying to get your cock out and drive a taxi simultaneously.You've probably noticed by now that over on Europe's Best Website, we like obscure things. To that end, Mostly Film runs an occasional series of articles entitled Obscure Gems, in which a selection of its writers celebrate films that you may have missed. I didn't have anything to contribute to the first one, which may explain why I went nuts and wrote about two separate gems for the second in the series. I also threw in my tuppence worth for the third article, best regarded as an anomaly which now makes it impossible to decide whether the follow-up to it counts as Obscure Gems 3 or Obscure Gems 4.

Playing it safe, we've dropped the numbers and called it None More Obscure. Five of the Mostly Film regulars - Indy Datta, Gareth Negus, Matthew Turner, Blake Backlash and yours truly - have come up with another selection of long-forgotten favourites. This particular batch seems to have been predominantly driven by memories of careless selections from video shops in the 1980s, and that includes mine too. The attached collection of trailers - offered here as the usual backup service I provide for Mostly Film articles I'm involved in - feels like nothing so much as one of those VHS trailer reels we spent most of the eighties fast forwarding through to get to the feature. That's not to say that they're bad, as you'll see.

First up, Forbidden World, as chosen by self-styled intergalactic troubleshooter and cocksman Indy Datta. This trailer isn't quite as rude as the clip he chose for the article, but it has its moments, so exercise caution when watching.

It's followed up by Siesta, as chosen by me, inspired by a recent online discussion of Miles Davis' contribution to film over the years. One fascinating fact that I had to cut for length: the casting of Gabriel Byrne as a Spanish acrobat may indeed be inexplicable, but it led to him meeting Ellen Barkin and their getting married shortly afterwards, so awwwwww.

Next comes La Residencia, the selection of Gareth Negus, here trailed under its US title The House That Screamed. The information that director Narciso Ibáñez Serrador also devised 3-2-1 was news to me, and makes his later film Who Can Kill A Child? all the more disturbing, because you could easily parse that as a game show title as well. Or is that just me?

Matthew Turner's not gone quite as far back in time as the rest of us, choosing the 2008 baseball movie Sugar. To be honest, movies about baseball tend to be doomed in the UK anyway, even when they involve the apparently winning combination of baseball and sudden, violent death.

Blake Backlash wraps things up with Slayground, which I'm pretty certain used to clutter up the bottom shelf of my local video shop, to the extent that I can even visualise the Thorn EMI logo on its sleeve. Coincidentally, it would appear that it's getting a re-release through Network DVD next month, which may have a terminal effect on its obscurity.

Finally, going back to my review of Mary Lambert's first film Siesta, here's a bonus trailer for her most recent one Mega Python vs Gatoroid, which may give you an indication of where her career is at now. (The key scene appears to be a catfight between 80s pop stars Debbie Gibson and Tiffany, which is available in its entirety elsewhere on YouTube if that's the sort of thing you're into.)


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