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Year Of The Monkey 2013: Mid-Autumnals


You know how most of the time in films, whenever people use search engines, they're either totally imaginary ones, or real ones that have obviously been put there as part of a product placement deal? I'm guessing that this means someone at Google actually signed off on this shot from Kim Ki-duk's Moebius. Or else there's an ugly lawsuit on the way.Over on Europe's Best Website, I've been writing about the Terracotta Far East Film Festival 2014, or #TFEFF14 (to give it its official hashtag). In the piece, I mention Mostly Film's long-standing support for the festival, going back to 2011. But regular readers will know that I've been supporting it on this site for even longer, as far back as the first fest in 2009. (I was in Japan with The Belated Birthday Girl when the 2010 one happened, which is why there isn't a writeup for that.)

Terracotta is the one festival where I get to do the Boy Reporter act and attend press launches. So once again, the Mostly Film piece is a preview, giving you advance warning of the films to see when the festival runs in London from May 23rd to June 1st (with a bonus film beforehand on May 21st). Full details are on the official Terracotta website: if that looks like too much writing, and you'd rather sit through a simple trailer reel of the movies in the programme, then that's precisely what this Red Button backup feature is here to offer you.

There are a total of 24 films showing as part of Terracotta this year: here are trailers for all of them, including a couple that they couldn't find themselves for their official site. It'll take you 42 minutes to watch them all on the playlist, or you can pick out individual ones from the schedule below.

Here's the schedule:

Wednesday May 21st
9.00pm: For Y'ur Height Only (Terracotta Film Club screening), Prince Charles

Friday May 23rd
8.40pm: On The Job, ICA

Saturday May 24th
4.00pm: Shift, ICA
8.40pm: A Thief, A Kid And A Killer, ICA

Sunday May 25th
4.00pm: Tuhog, ICA
8.45pm: How To Disappear Completely, ICA

Tuesday May 27th
8.40pm: The Search For Weng Weng, ICA

Wednesday May 28th
8.30pm: Unbeatable, Prince Charles

Thursday May 29th
8.45pm: Warrior King 2, Prince Charles

Friday May 30th
1.05pm: Remote Control, Prince Charles
3.30pm: Forever Love, Prince Charles
6.25pm: Be My Baby, Prince Charles
9.10pm: Moebius, Prince Charles

Saturday May 31st
12.35pm: Chinese Zodiac, Prince Charles
3.00pm: Commitment, Prince Charles
6.00pm: Special ID, Prince Charles
8.15pm: Snow White Murder Case, Prince Charles
10.55pm: Lesson Of Evil / In The Dark / Killers / Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles (Terror Cotta Horror All-Nighter), Prince Charles

Sunday June 1st
12.25pm: The Face Reader, Prince Charles
3.10pm: Firestorm, Prince Charles
5.25pm: Judge, Prince Charles

Book tickets for any or all of these at the Terracotta website (with the exception of For Y'ur Height Only, bookable from here). And if you're looking for more informed reviews of the films themselves... well, come back here after the festival's over and we'll see what we can do.


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