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Hotel Rooms 2014

Names on the framesTaki. Sakura. Ninja.

I spent all of last week in Japanese hotel rooms that had names on them rather than numbers. You'll soon hear a lot more about what happened when I wasn't in those rooms, don't you worry about that.

But the rooms themselves deserve a page to themselves, for this reason: they became the suitably unexpected finale to a year-long wanky art project of mine that ends today.

To explain. You've probably noticed by now that I did quite a bit of travelling in 2014. Lots of running around from city to city for work, plus a few excursions here and there with The Belated Birthday Girl for leisure purposes. I realised quite early in January just how much time I'd be spending in hotel rooms one way or another, and it gave me an idea: to document all of the hotel rooms I spent a night in for an entire year, just to see how many that came to.

The answer, now that we're into the final day of the year? 28. And you can see them all on a Picasa album I've been building up over the past year called Hotel Rooms 2014. Or, at least, the door of each one. Because it struck me as perversely amusing to document all this travel by taking a photo of the single most anonymous part of each room I stayed in.

Best of all, Picasa has a feature that means I can embed all 28 photos into a rolling slideshow and have it embedded below. So even if you don't want to follow the link to the album, here it is anyway.

I don't think that I'll be doing this again in 2015. But you never know.


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