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Living For The Weekend: A 2015 Diary By The BBG

Just one CornettoThis is the fourth year in a row that she's done this. You've got the idea by now, surely? £3.99 plus postage and packing from, buy now for possible delivery in time for Christmas.

Hmmm. Needs more text.

We're at that point in the year where I realise that I really should do more book reviews for this site. Because the last four posts in the Books section here, in chronological order, are as follows: Living For The Weekend: A 2012 Diary By The BBG, Living For The Weekend: A 2013 Diary By The BBG, Living For The Weekend: A 2014 Diary By The BBG and Living For The Weekend: A 2015 Diary By The BBG. Whatever happened to the classics?

Still, in my opinion, the whole Living For The Weekend concept is a classic in its own right. Three years ago, The Belated Birthday Girl declared herself fed up with the diaries available in the shops, and decided to publish one that met her needs better. Specifically, she wanted one which gave you a decent amount of space to write in all the cool plans you have for the weekend, rather than just compressing Saturday and Sunday into a tiny corner of the page. After a few days spent sweating over a Microsoft Word template, she came up with the first Living For The Weekend diary, and made it available to the world via my publishers at (while taking the opportunity to grab a copy for herself, of course).

Her 2015 diary is the fourth in the series (the other three are still available, now with a generous 15% discount), and keeps the same feature list as in previous years. It's a 17.48 by 10.8 cm paperback, conveniently sized to fit into a trendily baggy trouser pocket. Its 120 pages feature a week on each two-page spread, with the boring old working week crammed onto the left hand page and the sexy sexy weekend sprawled luxuriously across the right. You also get space for notes, calendars for three separate years, and a bit at the back where you can glue in the transport map of your choice.

The BBG also likes to set herself a project in the back pages of these diaries: this year, it's to visit a dozen small venues she's never been to before. Whether it's music, theatre, comedy or whatever, the small capacity performance space appears to be under threat these days - recently, for example, the sudden closure of Islington's Buffalo Bar was announced, as a result of their new landlords turning out to be complete bastards. (The mighty Ed Harcourt is playing one of Buffalo Bar's final gigs on December 18th: he did a similar service for the Bull and Gate last year, giving him the air of a kindly priest administering the last rites to dying music venues.) As you can see, halls of this size need our support in these difficult times, so she's included a two-page spread to log them as you visit.

Living For The Weekend: 2015 Diary is out now. Please buy lots of them. Thank you.


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