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MOSTLY FILM: It Only Happens In The Movies?

Takeshi Kitano will give YOU satisfaction. (Actually, based on the evidence in the movie Blood And Bones, he'll either sexually assault you or shove a red-hot coal in your face, which isn't that satisfying at all.)It's time for the first Mostly Film backup piece of 2015 - except this is a slightly sketchy one, with a better one coming along in a week or so. Let me explain.

On January 30th, the Japan Foundation launches its latest touring programme of Japanese films, It Only Happens In The Movies? I've reported on these tours several times in the past - as well as the various previews I've written for Europe's Best Website, I've also blogged here about some of the movies shown in 2008, 2010 and 2011.  Note that in 2008, the tour consisted of six movies travelling to five UK cities: this year, it's now grown to 13 films in 11 cities.

That increase in scale means that this year's review of the tour is going to be in two parts. Right now on Mostly Film, you can read my preview of six films that the Japan Foundation made available for viewing before the public screenings. And then in a week or so - once the ICA's run of the tour has completed - I'm hoping to do a second post here reviewing the other seven.

The films are playing in various places in the UK throughout February and March, so look out for them at an arthouse near you. If you need more help choosing which ones to see, there's a handy playlist of trailers below, plus some links to massively overpriced unsubtitled Japanese DVDs of the films if you'd rather watch them that way. (But why would you?)

Here are the 13 films in the season:

  1. Wood Job!
  2. My Little Sweet Pea
  3. Bolt From The Blue
  4. Nobody To Watch Over Me
  5. The Light Shines Only There
  6. A Letter To Momo
  7. Jinx!!!
  8. Scattered Clouds
  9. Blood And Bones
  10. Carmen From Kawachi
  11. Short Peace
  12. All About Our House
  13. The Handsome Suit


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