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MOSTLY FILM: Shortly Oscars

It's always a good idea to lure readers in with gratuitous nudity, so here's some from animation nominee Me And My Moulton. (Best not to think about how old the figure in the foreground is, though. They're Scandinavian, it's a different culture.)It's Oscar weekend! Excited yet? Well, yeah, I know what you mean. But Europe's Best Website isn't going to turn down the chance to cover an event so squarely within our remit. So Mostly Film is pulling a rare weekend shift to prepare you for the biggest event in the movie calendar, and then guide you through it on the night if you don't have access to the live TV coverage.

Right now on the site is the preparation bit of the package, as Indy Datta and I look at the short film nominees in Shortly Oscars. Indy reviews the live action shorts, while I cover the animated ones - and to be honest, it sounds like I got the better part of the deal. Then come back again on Sunday night for Mostly Film's live coverage, where our crack team of insomniacs will bring you all the frocks and gongs as they happen. (Here's what that looked like last year.)

As usual with my contributions to Mostly Film, I've got some bonus backup material here for you - and keeping it simple (because it's far too early on a Saturday morning for anything more complex), here are trailers for all the short film nominees. Just trailers, I'm afraid. I remember the days when you could watch all the nominees themselves for free on the interweb, but they started killing that off as an idea two years ago. Anyway, these playlists should give you enough data to make an uninformed call on what should win.

Animated short nominees first:

  1. Me And My Moulton
  2. Feast
  3. The Bigger Picture
  4. A Single Life
  5. The Dam Keeper

And here's a similar playlist for the live action nominees. (If you want to see these films in their entirety, they're available for purchase on iTunes. All of them, too, no irritating omissions like we have in the animation package.)

  1. Aya
  2. Boogaloo And Graham
  3. The Butter Lamp
  4. Parvaneh
  5. The Phone Call

And as a bonus bonus, here's A Single Life by Happy Camper featuring Pien Feith, the jolly little song from the animated short of the same name. Notice that the video for the song is 1.5 times longer than the film itself - although strictly speaking, that's a spoiler...


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