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MOSTLY FILM: The Copenhagen Interpretation

Here's Mads Mikkelsen, winner of the Best Actor award at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, getting hit in the face with a dustbin.It's Monoglot Movie Club time again on Mostly Film. Yes, I know it's only been a month since the last one, but that was Christmas - this one covers February, when I spent a week in Denmark for work and saw a couple of pretty good films along the way. The resulting piece, The Copenhagen Interpretation, is mainly notable for the appalling gag involved in its lead image, which requires an understanding of both particle physics and American TV in order to fully appreciate it.

I haven't really got any travel tips for you this time round - like my previous Copenhagen visit, I stayed at the Cabinn Metro and saw the films at the Palads. So the Red Button Bonus Material for the piece will have to be a collection of trailers and other related video bits.

First of all, here's the trailer for Steppeulven, or Itsi Bitsi as they'll probably retitle it if it ever comes to your town. Note that it's followed by a little making-of clip sponsored by Arbejdernes Landsbank, who append these things onto trailers for Danish movies in cinemas as well.

And the trailer for the other film I saw, Mænd Og Høns, which gives you a good indication of the level of violent slapstick to expect. (This also includes bonus material at the end. A bonus with bonuses! Aren't I good to you?)

Both of those films, when I saw them at the pictures, were accompanied by the trailer for Mord Uden Grænser - the new thriller series currently running Sunday nights on DR 1. It's even got a convenient opening in English for you.

And to wrap up, something that I half-considered adding to the original Mostly Film piece, but left out because it would probably be too confusing. (I have no qualms about confusing you lot, of course.) So: remember Itsi Bitsi, the key song in Steppeulvene's canon? Here it is being performed in 2012 by Stig Møller, one of the surviving members of the band. Oh, shit, that's a spoiler, sorry.

Anyway, in the original article I pointed out that the best-known Danish pop band these days was probably Aqua. Here's an astonishing fact for you: they started out under the name Joyspeed, and their 1995 debut single was also called Itsi Bitsi. Well, almost, anyway...


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