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MOSTLY FILM: Criterioner Among Thieves

Terry Gilliam, yesterday. (Actually, last month, in response to an internet rumour that he'd just died. Technically, those bad reviews he's complaining about started with the ones for Brazil...)I have to admit, my DVD buying habits have slowed down dramatically compared with the time when I wrote Dr Spank's DVD Clinic. Still, it looks like the 2000 version of me had the right idea when it came to special editions: "If there's one company that can be relied on to do DVDs right, it's Criterion, who specialise in buying up the rights to classic movies and producing the best possible package for DVD and laserdisc release."

I don't buy as many DVDs as I used to, but I believe that's still the case - certainly some of the finest special editions in my collection come from Criterion. So today, on Mostly Film, I'm one of the contributors to an article called Criterioner Among Thieves, a title based around a pun so terrible that I could have written it. Six of the site's regulars have chosen their favourite film from The Criterion Collection and talked a bit about it - see if you can guess in advance which one ends up writing more about Criterion's presentation than the actual film.

I'm only responsible for one-sixth of the content in the article, so I'll limit my traditional Red Button Bonus Material for it on this site to a simple YouTube playlist of video relating to all six of the entries.

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