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The odd thing is, Yoshiki doesn't even *play* the guitar.If you're reading this post on the day it goes up - i.e. Thursday March 2nd, 2017 - then this counts as a timely warning. Because TONIGHT, many cinemas around the UK will be holding a one-off screening of We Are X, a new documentary film about the hugely popular Japanese rock band X Japan. Never heard of them? That's why you need to see a documentary about them, I guess.

Still not convinced? Well, to be honest, the only reason I bring it up is because I've written a review for MostlyFilm of We Are X, which you can read right now. As you'll see, I think it's a fascinating film, but I wasn't particularly interested in X Japan's music. Maybe you'd like to take issue with me on that, or you'd like to hear some songs for yourself before buying tickets for their Wembley Arena gig this Saturday.

You know, this feels like exactly the sort of reason why Red Button Bonus Content was invented! So here comes a video playlist featuring one song from each of the five studio albums X Japan have released to date. (They've been promising a sixth for some time now, but still no word on that yet.)

Here's the playlist - as I said, one song from each album, using a live recording in each case to give you a feel for how their stage presence has evolved over the years, plus the trailer for the movie at the end. Caution: one of these songs is not like the others. (Specifically, I'm talking about Art Of Life, a 34 minute epic split into several movements, which is pretty much X Japan's equivalent of this.)

  1. I'll Kill You (from Vanishing Vision, released 1988)
  2. Endless Rain (from Blue Blood, released 1989)
  3. Silent Jealousy (from Jealousy, released 1991)
  4. Art Of Life (from Art Of Life, released 1993)
  5. Dahlia (from Dahlia, released 1996)
  6. We Are X trailer


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